Winter Inclement Weather

Weather Closing Policy

Because of the high priority we place on gathering together as a church family for worship each week, Green Lake Calvary Church has rarely closed due to bad weather. However, if we do have a heavy snowfall or other severe weather conditions on a Sunday morning, you can call the Church Office at (616) 891-8764 as well as visiting our website after 8 a.m.

We will not make the decision until Sunday morning. We find GLCC folks are braver than most, so we prefer not to cancel on the basis of weather forecasts (which can be overly dramatic). If we cancel, we will put out a message by 8 a.m., posted on our website, on Facebook, and on local stations WOODTV 8 & 91.3 (WCSG).

The Food for Life food truck adheres to the same policy as stated above. The delivery truck comes from Grand Rapids, so if the weather is bad there, the distribution may be cancelled by Food for Life. If so, it also will be posted as indicated above. We don’t want to encourage driving on unsafe roads.

In addition, a church-wide email will be sent out.  If you did not get an email last Friday, please give your email address to Sue Rietman in our office at 616-891-8764 or .

The quickest and most effective way to get updates is via our social media. We have a new website and we are on Facebook. If you are not yet connected with us, please make sure you go to our Facebook page and “Like Us”




Weekday Inclement Weather Policy:

When weather and/or road conditions are adverse during the week, weekday activities or events may be canceled or postponed.  Detailed announcements will be posted on our website and social media accounts.

Of course, we want also want to encourage everyone to make good decisions.  In the case of bad weather, the most important thing is for everyone to be safe! Please do not travel to Green Lake Calvary Church for worship services or events if you feel that doing so would be unsafe. If there is an actual state of emergency (declared by the governor), services and events will automatically be cancelled.


We, at times, will have to make tough decisions with the information available at the time we are making decisions. We must be supportive of the decisions made and accept that people will judge these decisions with only the information they have.